Philadelphia Fusion defeat Atlanta Reign in decisive fashion of Stage 1 Playoffs

The veteran squad, Philadelphia Fusion, managed a solid 3-1 victory against the Atalanta Reign. Reign’s only match victory coming from Dafran’s well-known utilization of Torbjorn on the control map Illios: Well.

Dafran utilized Zarya for the majority of the match, leaving spectators hoping he would pursue Torbjorn for further gameplay. Although, Torb didn’t make any more appearances, the execution of Zarya was highly noteworthy, working with Brigitte’s shield to attack Fusion from an elevated position, much in the same fashion a vacuum cleaner would suck up grime. Unfortunately, Poko’s D.VA bomb had other plans.

Once again, the GOATS meta proved to be the dominant choice of strategy for both teams throughout the set, highlighting Fusion’s unique ability to maintain synergy with Sado’s Winston in the shield-tank position.
Poko and Sado together were able to timely execute multiple ultimate abilities successfully including well-place DVA bombs and Primal Rages in the enemy back-line.

At the final moments of the Volskaya match, Carpe swapped into a Doomfist for a small appearance, but adding very little to their already solidified victory.

The Philadelphia Fusion will be matched up against the San Francisco Shock in Day 3 of the Overwatch League Stage 1 Playoffs on Twitch and ESPN3 at 6:00PM EST.

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