San Francisco Shock dominate Philadelphia Fusion in a battle of GOATs

The San Francisco Shock were able to defeat the Philadelphia Fusion in an impressive 4-0 wipe. The match, once again, consisted of significant GOATs game-play in a somewhat predictable mirror-match-up. San Francisco Shock have been praised for their game play throughout Stage 1, and have endured one of the more difficult seedings this bracket.

The set boiled down to the MVP of the match, San Francisco Shock’s Sinatraa, who’s timely Zarya Gravity Bombs set the tone for the Philadelphia Fusion: low morale. Interestingly, Fusion’s Sado never opted for the Winston game play that he had become recognized for in previous match-ups. During this set with the Shock, there was incredible reluctance to vary from the standard GOATs meta. Winston has proved to be a significant factor in Fusion’s victories in the past, but was unable to play any factor in this set.

Much of the second map, Hollywood, was spent in a familiar fashion, with both teams playing “Ring-Around-the-Rosie” with the elevated position for Point A. Unfortunately for the Shock, they were unable to deliver much damage from their main tanks, a pattern that was consistent throughout the match.

San Francisco Shock’s Super was able to produce higher output continuously, as well as many signification executions of Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, including the final play of the game, shutting out the Philadelphia Fusion on Rialto. Aside from the third set, where Philadelphia were put into overtime, the Fusion never scored a point on any of the maps.

The San Francisco Shock with face-off against the Vancouver Titans Sunday, March 24th, at 3:00PM on Twitch, ESPN3, and ABC.

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