San Fransciso Shock Defy Toronto Defiant in Stage 1 Playoffs

San Francisco Shock closed out their playoff bracket with a dominant 3-0 victory against the Toronto Defiant.

San Francisco Shock were able to maintain a better ultimate economy with the anticipation of dependance of Toronto Defiant on their own Sombra. Shock was able to quickly nullify Toronto by grouping up and utilizing the standar GOATs meta, featuring Reinhardt with D.VA and Zarya on tank, and Briggitte, Lucio, and Zenyatta on heals.

Toronto mirrored the GOATs meta with Sombra in place of DVA into the second round, however, they were still unable to push forward and unable to capture a single tick on King’s Row. The match was clearly impacted by Toronto Envy’s decision to stay on Sombra while unable to complete any effective hacking. EMPs were getting though, but not able to counterbalance the shear ability of the tanks to outlast the low DPS output by Defiant.

Defiant chose Kings row, perhaps to take advantage of the chokes to increase their own damage output. Sombra, however, was unable to get any defensive hacks. Perhaps taking note of their performance on defense, Toronto revert back to a 3 – 3 standard GOATS with an underwhelming performance on attack. They are unable to secure a tick.

Moon Landing was chosen for the third map. Rascal was able to pull off a huge environmental kill off the map in the low gravity zone early on, buying San Francisco time. Shock’s willingness to level-change and ability to stick together completely nullify the flaking nature of Toronto.

Super vs. Yakpung stats on Reinhardt

Defiant’s Yakpung was unable apply any damage with Reinhardt, mainly shielding the Defiant until their first cap once the team makes a significant effort toward sticking together. Neko was able to maintain the momentum and assist from the backline for a double-cap with 3 minutes to go.

Sinatra’s Zarya was able to stay charged and to secure a very timely first point capture during their first push with 5:55 to go. Toronto is seemingly outmatched once Shock can get their timing down. The experience veterans Shock prevail and are. victorious when Toronto in unable to get a tick in overtime.

With a little under 6 minutes to go, San Francisco fails their first push with a Symmetra ‘sneaky cheese’, costing them about three minutes of their time bank. However, Reinhardt is able to secure a quadruple kill, consequently allowing San Francisco Shock to capture a tick on the first point with about 3 minutes to spare.

San Francisco Shock will compete against the Philadelphia Fusion tomorrow, Saturay, March 23rd, at 6:00PM EST on Twitch and ESPN3

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