Seoul Dynasty Unable to Upset Vancouver Titans in Stage 1 Semi-Finals

Seoul Dynasty was unable to pull off one of the greatest upsets in Overwatch history today after being eliminated from the 2019 Overwatch League Stage 1 Playoffs. Vancouver Titans, a huge favorite this season despite their rookie status in this year’ competitive Overwatch League, defeated the Dynasty in a 4-0 wipe.

Soul Dynasty struggled to successfully defend against Vancouver Titan’s attack on every map they were placed, despite having map choice advantage. Seoul unable to take a single point on Busan, losing every engagement, with they support drawing first blood on multiple team battles.

Rarely was there variance among either team’s composition. The majority of the match was comprised of GOATs mirror-match-up compositions of D.VA, Reinhardt, Zarya, Lucio, Brigitte, and Zenyatta.

After the first map, Fissure and Michelle were substituted in, allowing for Sombra to be added to the GOATs composition in place of D.VA. This proved somewhat successful for Seoul’s attack on Hollywood. Sombra was able to pull off multiple significant hacks on Vancouver’s Lucio, enabling the first point to be captured, and allowing Dynasty to progress to Point C. Sombra was also able to stagger the EMP with proper ultimate management from Seoul, however this map would be the last time we see such precise execution from the Dynasty during the set.

Vancouver proved to be the better GOATs players during mirror-matchups and dominated the rest of the match. Vancouver Titans banked 4 minutes to go with Point B and a little under three minutes banked during overtime on Point C, bullying the Seoul Dynasty in spawn.

Seoul Dynasty utilized a very interesting Sombra and PharMercy combo alongside Widow, Wrecking Ball, and Lucio on Temple of Anubis, securing a quick capture on Point A. Seoul then swapped to traditional GOATs for second push, with them able to secure 99.5% with about 3 minutes to spare, ultimately only being able to bank 48 seconds on Point B.

Vancouver returns the favor with their own 4 DPS, Wrecking Ball, and Lucio composition, allowing them to maintain over 4 and a half minutes in their bank on attack for Temple of Anubis. At this point in the set, it seems that Vancouver has completely outmatched Seoul in every way. Although Seoul has been a competitive match-up, they can not complete with the pure dominance of Vancouver.

For the fianl defense, Fleta opts in for Bastion defense, but Seoul come up short with a 4-0 loss to Vancouver Titans.

After the set, Vancouver’s Bumper spoke a little trash-talk trash against Seoul Dynasty:
“Seoul just wasn’t playing that good, that’s why we won.”

Vancouver Titans will Match up with the winners of Philadelphia Fusion and San Francisco Shock 5:00PM EST, on Twitch and ESPN3.

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