Vancouver Titans defeat San Francisco Shock in an epic 4-3 series in Stage 1 Finals

The Vancouver Titans were able to extend their winning streak today, remaining undefeated in the Overwatch League 2019 competitive season by winning the Stage 1 Finals. The Titans defeated the San Francisco Shock in an epic engagement lasting almost 7 full matches.

San Francisco were able to snatch the first map in a 2-1 win on Nepal. Shock’s Super, swapping off the Winston after the first point loss to Bumper’s Reinhardt, helped attain a very close victory on the control point map and established the tone for the rest of the series.

The Titans were able to decisively take Numbani for the second match. The Francisco Shock were unable to take the first point while Titans were able to capture with over a minute to spare. The aggressive nature of Bumper’s Reinhardt was too much for the San Francisco Shock’s support to handle. Viol2t and Moth took too long to get a game plan together, and were staggered early on. Vancouver were able to even the series at 1-1.

San Francisco Shock chose Anubis for the third map, opting for the high-ground to push out the Titans defense, allowing them to capture two and half ticks on their first run. Shock’s Super was able to utilize the Earthshatter effectively for tempo gain, but the Shock were unable to get a point A capture without San Francisco’s Choihyobin’s timely usage of D.VA’s self-destruct in overtime. San Francisco used their momentum to steamroll a second capture on Point B, with over 3 minutes left on the map.

Vancouver attempt a different strategy in the standard GOATs mirror match, opting for a left side push on Anubis. Sinatraa was able to get a early elimination on the Titans, however, Vancouver was able to push on point and dominate the position with a Point A Capture and 6 minutes to go in the time bank.

Super was able to defend the point decisively with well-executed Earthshatters, and San Francisco pulled their time bank ahead at the three minute mark. San Francisco return the aggression they experienced in the first round, and make a push toward the Vancouver spawn on Point B, cleaning up clean up the stragglers and staggering the Titans. After another dominant push by the Vancouver Titans lead by Bumper’s Reinhardt, Viol2t was able to delay the point from range with Zenyatta, but ultimately forfeit the point while maintaining time bank advantage.

Once again on defense, San Francisco Shock are able to manage their support ultimate abilities effectively for a successful defense deep into overtime against Vancouver. On attack, Shock is able to utilize the Reinhardt Earthshatter for tempo. A Choihyobin self destruct with D.VA seal the victory for Shock in overtime. San Francisco Shock reestablish a lead in the series at 2-1.

Vancouver chose Dorado for the fourth map. The San Francisco Shock were able to push forward for a slow grind, effectively using the Reinhardt to stun on fragments of the enemy team to gain tempo. JJanu is unable to effectively utilize the D.VA’s self-destruct and Shock are able to capture point A in overtime. However, Vancouver are able to hold off Shock with under 3m left to Point B.

Haksal more proves to be more effective with Brigitte than Rascal on Dorado, dominating the Shock on Point A with 5 minutes to compete the push toward the final objective. After being melted by Vancouver initially, a wave of reluctance overtakes San Francisco. We end up seeing not a lot of engagement from the Shock, as they played much more passively and forfeit the objective with over 3 minutes left in the round. The series is once again even at 2-2.

The Shock interestingly chose Illios as their next map. The Vancouver Titans have not lost a match on Illios during the 2019 Competitive season. The bold move however proves to be a stoke of genius, as Shock get an early environmental kill on the Vancouver’s Zenyatta with Lucio, and are able to maintain the point effectively.

Vancouver Titans were then able to recover the point with Shock having only 15% to go, but it was combination of Choihyobin’s pattern of well-timed self destructs and Sinatraa’s Graviton Surge to end Titans’ chances of securing lighthouse.

Although Choihyobin was was able to steer the San Francisco shock to victory on Lighthouse, once Vancouver was able to capture the point on Ruins, the momentum proved to be too strong to counter. Titan’s aggression toward the end of the match limited Shock’s ability to return to the point before overtime.

For the tiebreak match on Well, Vancouver unexpectedly swaps in McCree for Zarya and Orisa for Reinhardt. It is close grind, but Shock is able to pull off the upset victory on Illios against the Vancouver Titans. The Shock again lead the series at 3-2.

The Vancouver Titan’s chose to go with King’s Landing for their next match up. Both teams chose to go with the standard GOATs composition, and grinded deep into overtime on attack and defense. San Francisco Shock were unable to edge out Point C, pushing the cart only 63.61m. Vancouver barely pressed past the objective, with no time in the bank to spare. The series once again ties itself for 3-3.

The San Francisco Shock chose Rialto for the final match. They had a solid push on Point A, utilizing that momentum to aid Super with his dominant ultimate placements, breezing passed the most difficult areas on the map to push, between Point A and Point B.

Choihyobin, again with an excellent timed ultimate on the supports, allowed San Francisco to push forward to Point C with a over a minute to spare in the time bank.

However, Vancouver’s momentum on Rialto was just too much of a dominant force on every point of the map. The aggression of Bumper’s Reinhardt left no opportunities for San Francisco’s Super to counter. Vancouver end up speed running Rialto in a record time of 3:33.

Unfortunately for the San Francisco Shock, they were unable to capture first point in overtime, pushing the cart to just before the objective.

With Vancouver having over 4 minutes to capture the objective, they attempt to push the high ground against their mirror-match-up. Super is able to initiate a quick ultimate and reset the Vancouver Titans.

After a couple of shaky pushes, Bumper is then able to execute a dominate Earthshatter within the final minute. The Vancouver pushed forward, and were crowned the 2019 Overwatch League Stage 1 Champions.

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