North America Overwatch Contenders Week 5 Group A Recap: Bermuda vs Montreal Rebellion

Bermuda had a very slow start at the begging of their series with Montreal in Week 5 of the Overwatch Contenders League North American Group A Division. The Montreal Rebellion were able to shutout Bermuda, 2-0 on Oasis, followed by a decisive victory on Eichenwalde. Both teams utilized the standard Reinhardt-GOATs composition, but Rebellion’s Logix’s utilization of Graviton Surge with Zarya, as well as Goliath’s well-timed Transcendence and damage orbs totaled too much for Bermuda to compete with on the hybrid map.

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Bermuda the showed a few moments of dominance in game three of the series, trailing behind the Montreal 2-1 in the series. After a quick push on Point A with a Winston-GOATs composition. They were able to secure 3:00 in the time bank with a Point B capture.

Montreal opted for Naga on Sombra instead of Brigitte for their first push on attack. However, they quickly switched back to Brigitte after they are unsuccessful. Bermuda’s Umtae switched to Wrecking Ball from Winston in order to maintain defense, ultimately allowing them them to hold Montreal off the point until the end of the round in an impressive 2-0 match victory.

Montreal looked very good in the final match on Rialto, where the were able to slow-push Point A, and use their momentum to get to Point B. However, they are reset a couple of time by Bermuda whule they sport the mirrored composition of Reinhardt-GOATs. Montreal is able to grit out a Point C capture, with 37 seconds remaining.

On attack, Bermuda try to utilized Widow early on, but UIltimaWEP ultimately decides to swap back to Brigitte to play a little more defensively. Montreal allow’s Bermuda to take the first point, but then alternate two excellently timed ultimate-abilities between their tank players, Nomy as Reinhardt and Logix on Zarya. Nomy first initiated an Earthshatter on the obtective, and then Logix followed with a Graviton Surge on Bermuda toward the spawn.

Bermuda’s Shuh scores a three-piece environmental kill with a D.Va Boop, but it is not enough to get the payload past the choke-hold between Points A and B. In their final push, Bermuda struggled to reach Point B, proving Logix’s effective damage dealt with Zarya is too powerful. Montreal was able to take the series 3-1, for their first win of the Overwatch Contenders League season.

Montreal Rebellion, with a record of and 1-3 this season, will go up against the Chicken Contendies, on April 1st, in Week 6 of the Overwatch Contenders League North American Group A Bracket Division, on Twitch. 4:30 PDT/ 7:30 EDT.

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