North America Overwatch Contenders Week 5 Group A Recap: Fusion University vs Chicken Contendies

With their current roster being a vast underdog, the Chicken Contendies came up short in a much-revealing effort to defeat Fusion University. Philadelphia’s Fusion University took the North America Overwatch Contenders Week 5 series in a decisive 3-1 victory, but not without not a struggle.

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Tensions ran high when the Chicken Contendies managed to capture the objective point of Oasis after their first team fight. It was even more impressive considering they are one of the few teams without a parent-organization in the Overwatch League and were able to maintain dominance on the objective for 72% of completion against an undefeated veteran franchise champion like Fusion University. This is all the whilst the glue of which their team is comprised, their star-player Harbleu, was unavailable to compete.

The Fusion sported a triple-DPS PharMercy, Tracer, and Sombra combination, accompanied by a Winston and a Zenyatta. This is while the Contendies utilized a standard Winston-GOATs composition, injecting an Ana in place of the Zenyatta, and a Sombra in place of the Zarya. Contendies’ Jai executed a well timed EMP with Sombra in overtime, but Philadelphia was able to maintain their position on the objective when BeastHalo wiped the Contendies off the map with a Primal Rage.

Spirits began to settle as the echoes of an upset were suppressed with an early victory by the Fusion. Philadelphia was able to establish a solid capture of the second stage of Oasis with a standard GOATs composition. The Contendies held until just over 60%, but were unable to withstand the ultimate- economy that Fusion built, losing the match 0-2.

A change in the air occurred when The Contendies were able to establish some momentum due to Jai’s EMPs with Sombra and Gig’s multiple well placed Earthshatters with Reinhardt. A strong push on Point A allowed the Contendies to steamroll their dominance with over four minutes to capture the objective, taking Point C of Eichenwalde with 2:42 left in the time-bank. Fusion University utilize a standard GOATs composition while Chicken Contendies stuck to their Sombra and Ana Variant of GOATs.

Fusion University did not take the aggression very lightly, showing a strong performance with a standard GOATs composition and banking over 5 minutes on their attack of Point A. Even though they had some trouble on the first push, they were able to use their momentum for a solid capture of Point C, with just under 3 minutes remaining, and overall, outperforming the Chicken Contendies.

The Chicken Contendies had trouble pushing through the choke on the first point in extra rounds, but were able to capture Point A seconds before overtime. A well-timed Earthshatter and EMP combination granted the Contendies a team-kill and parlayed that momentum toward a Point B capture. However, Fusion’s Brigitte and Zen stagger their ultimate-abilities in a timely fashion to successfully defend against a possible Point C capture by the Contendies in deep overtime.

On defense, Jai was unable to score an early hack with Sombra, diminishing the Contendies’ tempo, and allowing Fusion to take an aggressive position and capture Point A with over 2 minutes in the time-bank. Fusion were able to return a timely team-kill between Point A and B.

During their final push, Fusion’s D.VA accidentally fell off of the map during a self-destruct attempt, failing to hit any enemies on the way to her death. Chicken Contendies were unable to capitalize on the error and Fusion University was still able to capture the point, much in part to some offensive plays committed by the Lucio and Zenyatta. The Fusion enhanced their lead in the series to 2-0 after Contendies failed to touch the point in overtime.

The series continued grind in a similar fashion on Volskaya Industries as Chicken Contendies finally had some luck on their side and pulled off a victory toward the later rounds of the match during double overtime. The Contendies were able to score 6 point on attack, while Fusion had trouble grinding out ticks on Point B, leaving them with only 5 points and a little of 70% of the objective captured. Even though the Contendies were not an Academy team, they had now proven they were able to compete with the likes of high-level teams on the division. .

Philadelphia’s Fusion University didn’t take the loss lightly, and were able to edge a victory on Rialto by pushing the payload past the halfway mark between Point B and Point C. Sticking with standard Winston and Reinhardt GOATs compositions, they were able to also fend again the Contendies attempt to tie the series, stuffing the push on point A and forcing them to a loss just shy of the objective. BeastHalo was able to outperform Gig on Reinhardt, effective beating him to Earthshatters to shape the conclusion of the series.

Fusion University, with a perfect record 4-0 record this season, will go up against the Gladiators Legion, on April 1st, in Week 6 of the Overwatch Contenders League North American Group A Bracket Division, on Twitch. 7:30 PST/ 10:30 EST.

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