North America Overwatch Contenders Week 5 Group A Recap: Uprising Academy vs Gladiators Legion

Los Angeles’ Gladiators Legion were able to defeat Boston’s Uprising Academy in a hard fought 3-1 series victory. The Uprising Academy utilized standard Winston/Reinhardt GOATs compositions for an effective first map win on Oasis, while the Gladiators Legion chose to go for more utility-heavy compositions, of which included a triple-DPS composition consisting of Tracer, Sombra, and Pharah.

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In the second match, the Gladiators chose more damage-centric team compositions as well as GOATs-esque variants. Only upon Gladiators’ Panker’s swap back to Reinhardt for a standard GOATs composition did they start to effectively dominate the Uprising Academy. Uprising tried to respond with their own standard GOATs on Eichenwalde, but fell short after a series of uncoordinated support-ultimates, hailing from both teams. The Gladiators were able to tie the series at 1-1.

On Volskaya Industries, the third map of engagement, both teams initially opted for Winston focused compositions, with The Uprising Academy choosing a standard Winston-GOATs, and the Gladiators choosing double-snipers’ Ashe and Widow, with Mercy and Zenyatta in support roles, and D.VA in the off-tank position, for their attack. In a spat of dueling-Widows, the Gladiators were only able to capture 33.9% of Point A. When given a chance to return the favor, the Uprising came up short on Volskaya, unable to capture a single tick on Point A during a Reinhardt-GOATs mirror-matchup.

In yet another Reinhardt-GOATs mirror-match, Gladiators Legion were able to push the cart to just under point B on Rialto. Legion edge out their final victory in overtime, with Legion’s Water managing an environmental elimination with Brigitte’s Whip Shot on the enemy Reinhardt. The Uprising Academy fail capture Point A, with only a few meters to spare.

The Gladiators Legion, with a record of 3-1 this season, will go up against Undefeated Philadelphia’s Fusion, on April 1st, in Week 6 of the Overwatch Contenders North American Group A Bracket, on Twitch. 7:30 PST/ 10:30 EST.

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