Dafran Announces his Retirement from Competitive Overwatch

In a Tweet released from the Atlanta Reign hours ago, it was announced that popular DPS player, Dafran, would be retiring from Competitive Overwatch scene. It was noted, however, that he will remain part of the Atlanta Reign family as part of their “Stream Team”.

Dafran was known for playing Torbjorn in the late GOATs meta Composition for Competitive Overwatch as well as also pioneering methods of flanking with Zarya on the Hollywood hybrid map.

Dafran was later quoted from his TwitLonger “Dont worry, the Atlanta Reign are gonna pop the fuck off with or without me…” alleviating any tensions that may have been perceived from fans. Dafran will be al to start enjoying the “comfy” streamer life that he has built name for himself on twitch with.

While Overwatch remains in it’s infancy and devoid of stark personality, an eccentric character like Dafran will surely be missed. If you would like to see more Dafran, can be viewed live on his Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/dafran.

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