Dafran Reveals His Reason for Retirement: He is Expecting a Child

25 year old Daniel “dafran” Francesca announced earlier on Thursday that he would be retiring from Competitive Overwatch. In a recent stream, upon being asked the reason for his retirement, he responded that he would “wait for all the news articles and YouTube videos to come out…” before he made any type of announcement toward the reason why he’d be departing the team.

After the Twitch chatroom seemed to continue to press Dafran on the matter, followed by a subscription from Sinatraa, a fellow Competive Overwatch player for the San Francisco Shock, Dafran asks the chat room to calm down for a second, and then revealed the big news: he his expecting a child soon.

Is it a joke or a troll? Updates to come soon. In any case, congratulations to Dafran and his potential new family. The fans of the Overwatch League will miss him dearly.

Update: After the stream continued for some time, Dafran Reveals that he was joking. We were jebaited. We still do not know the reason for his retirement.

Further Update: In another official statement fromDafran, he elaborated on his earlier statement.

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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