Overwatch Contenders Week 5 North America Group B Recap: Team Envy sweep XL2 Academy in a 4-0 series victory

In week 5 of the Overwatch Contenders League, the first match of the North American B bracket squared-off undefeated Team Envy against New York Excelsior’s XL2 Academy. Team Envy were able to dominate XL2 in a 4-0 series victory, showing us why they are clearly the top-dog of the division.

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On Nepal’s Shrine, Team Envy began the match with a quad-DPS PharMercy composition, adding along Sombra and Tracer for their flanking abilities with Hammond to break up the enemy squad, and Ana to heal from far away within the back-line. The XL2 decided to utilize an unconventional, no-shield-tank setup, as well, consisting of Tracer and Sombra for their damage, with D.VA and Hammond in the Tank positions, and an Ana and Lucio for support.

Envy were able to establish an early capture of the objective for 37% duration. After a quick re-positioning, allowing XL2 to capture only 19% of the objective, a risky Nano Boost from the Ana on the Pharah allowed Envy to reestablish their position, using Ellivote’s Barrage to clear the enemy XL2 from the objective. Team Envy’s Sharp also executed a well-timed Pulse Bomb with Tracer on XL2’s Ana to recapture the point later in the round, only allowing a total of 34% of the objective captured for XL2.

Round two of the first match took place on Village, where Team Envy found themselves with an easy first point capture. Team Envy opted for Mei and Moira in combination with some more common picks of the current meta, including Lucio, Brigitte, Zarya, and Reinhardt, forming somewhat of a Mei-variant of a GOATs-esque composition.

XL2 utilized a standard Reinhardt-GOATs composition, with them only being able to successfully capture the objective after Envy had cleared 78%. XL2’s Kirby was able to score a well placed triple-kill Self-Destruct with D.VA, eliminating the enemy Zarya, Moira, and Brigitte. However, the XL2 Academy were only able to maintain 37% of the objective before Team Envy were able to stagger their team with a Mei Ice Wall and Zarya’s Graviton Surge, disabling XL2 from reaching the point. Envy took the first map of the series, 1-0.

Once again, Team Envy had a dominant performance on Blizzard World, the second map of the series, where both teams mirrored a Reinhardt-GOATs composition on attack and defense. Although the XL2 were able to hold Envy off into overtime, Team Envy were able to push the payload the entirety of the map on attack.

XL2 Academy were able to initiate a very strong push on Team Envy, capturing Point A with over five minutes to spare in their time-bank to push the next objective. Trill was able to score multiple Earthshatters on XL2 with Reinhardt, allowing Envy to hold XL2 in their Point B spawn area for couple of minutes. Once reaching the Point B objective, Team Envy were able to fend off a Point B capture after Sharp used Zarya’s Graviton Surge, wiping out the XL2 in overtime, and taking the series lead to 2-0.

Envy continued their dominance on Volskaya Industries, where Jaru was able to get an environmental Whip Shot kill on Yaki, also playing Brigitte, during the XL2’s attempt to capture Point A for a second time in the later rounds. Ellivote followed suit by getting a double-kill on XL2’s Reinhardt and Lucio with a D.VA Self-Destruct. Team Envy, holding the objective capture, were able to take Volskaya 4 round to 2, and extend their lead in the series to 3-0.

Team Envy and XL2 Academy completed their series on Gibraltar. Envy first chose a ‘Pirate Ship’ composition with Bastion to attack on the the payload alongside Zarya, as well as Reinhardt and Orisa for shield-tanks, and Lucio with Zenyatta for support. XL2 chose a standard Reinhardt-GOATs composition, and after Envy were able to quickly clear them from the payload, they switch back into a standard Reinhardt-GOATs as well to continue their push.

Ellivote was able to get another multi-kill with D.VA for the point B capture, but, XL2 was able to stagger Envy eventually, toward their spawn on Point C. However, it was an excellently timed Earthshatter by Trill that allowed Crimzo on Zenyatta to capitalize, getting a quadruple kill on XL2 team. Envy was then able to capture objective C with over 2 minutes in the time-bank.

On attack, XL2 academy have a slow push toward the underpass between the spawn and Point A, but Team Envy are able drop down
behind the cart from their defensive position, utilizing Crimzo’s Transcendence to aid a dominant team fight, resetting the XL2 Academy. Ellivote scored another Self-Destruct kill before XL2 reach Point A, but Haku’s Transcendence is able to hold off Envy, enabling them a capture with only seconds left in the time-bank. Unfortunately for XL2, they are unable to push the cart to Point B, losing the map 3-1, and the series 4-0. Team Envy remain undefeated.

Team Envy will go on to face NRG sports, who have a record of 2-2, in Week 6 of the Overwatch Contenders League at 4:30 PM PST / 7:30 PM EST, on Twitch.tv.

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