North America Week 6 Day 1 Overwatch Contenders Betting Odds: Contendies, Bermuda, and Legion the Underdogs

Week 6 Day 1 of the North American Overwatch Contenders Bracket starts with standoffs in Group A. The first match of the day begins with Boston’s Uprising Academy, a -125 favorite, against Florida’s Mayhem Academy, pulling a close -110 odds, according to Bovada.

Uprising have a 1-3 record so far this season, reflected in their 8-9 losing game record, while Mayhem have a 3-1 record, only losing five total games out of 17. Uprising lost their previous matchup against Los Angeles’ Gladiators Legion, while Mayhem academy also had lost their previous matchup against Second Wind.

Uprising Academy are the 1.5-point favorite at +175 money line, meaning they would need to win the game by two points or more (3-1, or better), for a spectator to win the bet. Conversely, Mayhem Academy is a 1.5-point underdog at a line of -230, which means they would need to either win, or not lose the game by more than one point (1-2 or better), for a spectator to win the bet.

The popular Chicken Contendies come in as a +120 underdog against the Montreal Rebellion, the academy team of the Toronto Defiant,
at a -160 money line. The Chicken Contendies came up short while the Montreal Rebellion were able to get their first win in their previous matchups, with both teams maintaining a losing 1-3 record, with 6-10 and 6-11 game records, respectively.

The Chicken Contendies hold a spread of +1.5 points at -160 money line, with the Montreal Rebellion being the favorite, maintaining -1.5-point spread at a line of -110. For it not to be a push bet, the Contendies would have to get a series record of 1-2 or better, or the Rebellion would have to get a series record 3-1, or better.

Bermuda, who recently lost their match against Montreal and have yet to get a match win this season, are the heaviest underdog of the day, pulling a +315 line against Second Wind, of which are a -475 favorite. Second Wind’s only loss comes from the division leader, undefeated, Fusion University. Second Wind maintains -210 odds on winning the match in at least a 3-1 fashion, where Bermuda holds the +1.5-point spread with +165 odds.

Philadelphia’s Fusion University pair-off against the Gladiators Legion in the final match of the evening, with the Fusion coming in at a -275 favorite against the Legion’s +205 money-line. Gladiators Legion have a record of 3-1 this season, with their only loss being dealt from Second Wind.

+105 odds for the underdog Legion, if the are able to win at least one map and draw another against Fusion University. Philadelphia are the spread favorite at -135, but only if they maintain a two game lead in the match.

Philadelphia Fusion+1.5 (+145)+270
New York Excelsior-1.5 (-185)-375
Boston Uprising-1.5 (+165)-110
Atlanta Reign+1.5 (-210)-125
Shanghai Dragons+1.5 (-125)+165
Los Angeles Gladiators-1.5 (-105)-220
Guangzhou Charge-1.5 (+115)-180
Paris Eternal+1.5 (-150)+135
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Image Courtesy of Bovada

The matches begins today at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 12:00 AM CEST on

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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