North America Group B Week 6 Day 2 Overwatch Contenders Betting Odds: Team Envy Strong Favorite Against NRG Esports

Week 6 Day 2 of the North America Group B Overwatch Contenders bracket starts with Phase 2 at -600 odds, against Square One, holding a +400 underdog, according to Bovada. Phase 2 has yet to score a win this season, holding a game record of 4-13. Square One, who’s only loss has come from the undefeated division bracket leader, Team Envy, are holding a positive game record of 10-7.

On the spread. Square One hold -230 odds on winning the match with at least a 2-point lead. Phase 2 has +175 odds of keeping the match score withing 1 point.

Team Envy, who have an outstanding game record of 14-2 this season, hold a betting line of -285 in their much anticipated match against NRG Esports, holding a record of 2-2 and have a betting line of +215. Team Envy have -140 odds on keeping the game at a 2-point lead over NRG, with NRG maintaining +110 odds on keeping the game within 1 point or better.

In a battle of the academy teams, New York’s XL2 goes up against ATL Academy, with +125 and -160 odds respectively. New York has been unable to gain much momentum this season, holding a match record of 1-3. ATL has an even record of 2-2, barely edging a winning game record at 9 wins out of their last 16 games. For the spread, both teams are holding a 1.5-point margin. ATL Academy holds +120 odds at winning the match with a 2-point or better lead, while XL2 academy has -155 odds at keeping this game at least within one point.

Skyfoxes, holding a record of 3-1 and ranked second within their group bracket, maintain a -450 favorite against Second Generation. Second Generation hold a record of 1-3 and betting odds of +300. They have struggled in their matches, maintaining a game record of 3-14, only pulling off a match win against the lowest-ranked team within the bracket, Phase 2.

Skyfoxes are a -1.5-point favorite at -200 odds to win the match with a two-point lead or greater. Second Generation, on the other hand, maintain +160 odds if they are able to keep the match within 1-point.

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The matches begins today at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 12:00 AM CEST on

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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