Week 1 Day 1 of Stage 2 for the Overwatch League Odds: Philadelphia Fusion the Underdog Against NYXL

Stage 2 of the 2019 Overwatch League competitive season starts off today with a widely-anticipated matchup between the Philadelphia Fusion and the New York Excelsior. Many assumed NYXL would completely dominate the Stage 1 playoff bracket, holding a record of 7-0 for the season. However, they were eliminated by the Seoul Dynasty in the first match of the playoffs. In contrast, the Philadelphia Fusion were able to pick up a win in their playoff match against the Atlanta Reign, but were unable to remain successful against the San Francisco Shock in their second matchup.

According Bovada, the New York Excelsior come in at a -375 favorite against the Philadelphia Fusion, maintaining a line +270 odds. Both teams hold a 1.5-point margin spread, with the Excelsior at -185 odds of winning the game with a two-point advantage or better. The Fusion maintain a line of +145 if they keep the game within 1 point, win or lose.

The Boston Uprising will face-off against the Atlanta Reign in the second match of the day. The Uprising are just barely the underdog at -110 odds. Both teams share a 1.5-point margin spread, with the Reign maintaining a money line of -210 if they keep the match within 1 point, win or lose. The Boston Uprising hold a spread of +165 if they maintain a 2 point lead or greater during the match.

The Shanghai Dragons, who managed to pick up their first career win in Stage 1 and ended the stage with a record of 3-4, hold money line of +165 as the underdog against the Los Angeles Gladiators, of which are the favorite at -220 odds. The Dragons maintain a +1.5 spread on the Gladiators, with -125 odds at keeping the matching within 1 point. Gladiators have a line of -210 to win the game with a two-point-lead or greater. LA Gladiators had also managed a record of 3-4 in Stage 1.

The Guangzhou Charge, who hold a line of -180 as the favorite, will face against the +135 underdog, Paris Eternal. GZ Charge have a -1.5-point spread at +115 odds for keeping the game at a two-point-lead. The Eternal have -150 odds at keeping the game within a single point. Both teams managed 3-4 records in the previous stage.

Philadelphia Fusion+1.5 (+145)+270
New York Excelsior-1.5 (-185)-375
Boston Uprising-1.5 (+165)-110
Atlanta Reign+1.5 (-210)-125
Shanghai Dragons+1.5 (-125)+165
Los Angeles Gladiators-1.5 (-105)-220
Guangzhou Charge-1.5 (+115)-180
Paris Eternal+1.5 (-150)+135
Odds courtesy of Bovada

The matches begins today at 4:00 PM PDT / 7:00 PM EDT / 1:00 AM CEST on Twitch.tv.

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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