Week 1 Day 2 of Stage 2 Overwatch League Betting Odds: Mayhem Massive Underdogs Against Spitfire

Day 2 of the second stage for the 2019 Overwatch League beings with huge favorite, London Spitfire at -575 odds, pairing off against the Florida Mayhem at a +375 money line, according Bovada. Florida Mayhem ended the Stage 1 bracket with a record of 1-6, only winning a total of nine games the entire season thus far. London Spite share a similar 3-4 record as most of the other teams that were ineligible to compete in the Stage 1 Playoffs.

London Spitfire, who have a game record of 12-16-2, maintain a -1.5-point spread on the Florida Mayhem, yielding -210 odds that they are able to keep a lead of at least 2 points during the match. In return, Florida Mayhem maintain a money line of +165 that they can keep the match record within 1 point.

Washington Justice, who were able to get their only victory over Florida Mayhem in Stage 1 for a record of 1-6, hold a +340 underdog against the Toronto Defiant at -500 odds. The Defiant, who only lost to the New York Excelsior and the Vancouver Titans for a record of 5-2 in Stage 1, have a -1.5-point spread against the Justice with -165 odds they can hold a lead of two or better. Washington Justice have +145 odds at keeping the game within one point, win or lose.

The Los Angeles Valiant are not the favorite among odd-makers as they hold a +385 money line on the San Francisco Shock’s massive -575. The San Francisco Shock were unable to come up with a victory against the undefeated Vancouver Titans in The Finals of the Stage 1 Playoffs, holding a record of 4-3 throughout the stage.

The match between the Valiant and the Shock hold a margin of 1.5-points on the spread. The Los Angeles Valiant have +200 odds to keep the match within one point, and the San Francisco Shock hold -275 odds to take the match with a lead of two or better.

The final matchup of the evening is between the Los Angeles Gladiators, at a line of +105, and Seoul Dynasty, holding out as the favorite at -135. Seoul Dynasty, who were able to get an upset elimination victory against the New York Excelsior in the Stage 1 Playoffs, held a record of 4-3 during the first stage. The Los Angeles gladiators were only able to squeeze out 3 victories during the first stage, making them ineligible for the Playoffs.

The Gladiators and the Dynasty share a 1.5-point margin on the spread, with Seoul Dynasty at +145 odds they can win the match with a 2-point lead. The Gladiators hold -185 odds that they will keep the game within 1 point, or win.

London Spitfire-1.5 (-210)-575
Florida Mayhem+1.5 (+165)+375
Washington Justice+1.5 (+145)+340
Toronto Defiant-1.5 (-185)-500
Los Angeles Valiant+1.5 (+200)+385
San Francisco Shock-1.5 (-275)-575
Los Angeles Gladiators+1.5 (-185)+105
Seoul Dynasty-1.5 (+145)-135
Image Courtesy of Bovada

The matches begins today at 4:00 PM PDT / 7:00 PM EDT / 1:00 AM CEST on Twitch.tv.

Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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